To obtain an optimal exfoliating effect, use it on dry skin; for a massage, it can also be used on slightly wet skin.


Cocoa shell powder
Orange powder
Marine Salt
Vitamin E


Body Polish Orange is one of the numerous body oil scrubs, used for a natural effective exfoliation based on the plant particles and the salt it contains.
Easy to apply, it has nourishing and protective filmogenic effect, thanks to the association of plant oils.

A tonifying and full of energy body scrub

This scrub combines pure cacao and orange powders with marine salt for an effective natural exfoliation. Looking like melted chocolate, the texture eliminates dead cells as it soothes, moisturizes and nourishes with natural vitamins.
This scrub with delicious cacao scent is an ideal prelude to a tonifying and nourishing body treatment or for a chocotherapy spa experience.

Orange & Cocoa

Orange is a pure concentrate of Vitamins A and C, the best association for a toning effect and for preventing cellular ageing. Generally speaking, citrus peel contains a natural blend of essential oils which gives an outstanding odour to the fruits.
The cocoa shell concentrates a multitude of molecules that are physiologically active: theobromine, caffeine, magnesium and polyphenols.
Theobromine and caffeine are active in the process of weight control by stimulating lipolysis.