Apply on dry skin and proceed to massage.
At the end of the treatment, add some water with a spray or with hands on the body, to transform the gel into lacteous emulsion.


Arnica extract
Edelweiss extract
Pearl powder
Sucrose emulsion
Sunflower Oil
Vitamin E


This high quality oily gel is the most innovative massage product available today: its honey-like texture transforms into an easy to rinse lacteous emulsion at the end of the massage, to bring a touch of surprise to the ritual. This massage honey is rich in Alpine extracts.

A high-quality honey for long lasting massage

This sweet perfumed honey with pearl shimmer has been specially formulated for professional long-lasting massage and allows a non-greasy finish: when water is sprayed on it, this amazing and changing texture, designed from sugar compounds, turns into milk. At the end of the massage, the skin is very easy to rinse, deeply moisturized but non-greasy.

Edelweiss & Arnica

Growing under harsh climatic conditions, edelweiss concentrates protective molecules allowing the flower to withstand extreme cold and heat, an asset that is associated with regenerative properties for the skin.
The “everlasting alpine flower” is rich in flavonoids & tannins, providing a powerful anti-oxidant & anti-ageing effect which is further bolstered by the radical scavenging properties of phenolic acids.
Arnica flowers contain a lactone providing anti-inflammatory, decongesting & soothing properties.