Apply on dry skin and proceed to massage.
At the end of the treatment, add some water with a spray or with hands on the body, to transform the gel into lacteous emulsion. It can also be used before bathing, to transform the water in milk.


Sunflower oil
Cacao shell powder
Cupacu butter
Coconut oil


This rich oily gel is the most innovative massage product available today: this honeylike texture transforms into an easy to rinse lacteous emulsion at the end of the massage, to bring a touch of surprise to the ritual.
This massage honey is a rich blend of cocoa shell powder and natural oils.

A high quality honey for long lasting massage

This honey has been especially formulated for professional long-lasting massage and allows a non-greasy finish: when water is sprayed on it, this amazing and changing texture, designed from sugar compounds, turns into milk.
At the end of the massage, the skin is very easy to rinse, deeply moisturized but non-greasy.

A nourishing care with a lypolitic action

The cocoa shells concentrate a multitude of molecules that are physiologically active: theobromine, caffeine, magnesium and polyphenols. Theobromine and caffeine have been recognized to have intense lypolitic effects.
The combined action of oleic acid sunflower oil with theobromine can act effectively against cellulitis.
The chocolate massage honey is enriched in cupuacu butter, that protects and heals the skin better than any other oil. Coconut oil has emollient, soothing and softening properties and helps the skin retain moisture.
After massage, the skin is deeply moisturized and protected.