After a bath or a shower, apply the oil on the body.
After a light massage it penetrates quickly leaving the skin non sticky.


Dry oil with golden shimmer
Jojoba oil
Apricot kernel oil
Sweet almond oil
Caviar extract
Vitamin E


Enjoy gold answers to the demand for high quality luxury cosmetics, including for the professional Spa treatments & retail. This range, conceived to be customized, gains value with clients personal packaging.

Precious dry oil
This shimmer dry oil is used after a bath or a shower and leaves the skin nourished and non sticky. It can be also used for face and eventually to nourish dry hair. The regenerative action of three natural oils, jojoba, apricot kernel and sweet almond is working in synergy with the protective and antioxidant action of the caviar extract and vitamin E.
An immediate effect is visible: skin is more radiant, softened and sensually perfumed.

Precious oil with Caviar Extract
Lessonia found the perfect combination between gold shine and the skin loving ingredient caviar. Caviar Extract is very rich in vitamins A, D, B , trace elements as well as amino acids. Those ingredients intensify the metabolism of the skin cells and at the same time, slow down the ageing process. Caviar is a key ingredient to skin cells regeneration.