Mix 250g of powder with 500ml of warm water until you get an homogeneous paste.
Apply it with a spatula directly to the skin.
Wrap the person in a plastic film and a warming blanket.

Duration: 15 to 30 minutes.


Spirulina powder
Laminaria powder
Horsetail powder


A body wrap provides both therapeutic and cosmetics benefits. The Body Pack is an extremely rich blend of micronized plants or seaweed formulated to create an unctuous and generous paste reflecting the vegetal wealth of the powder.

A slimming and remineralizing body wrap for thalassotherapy

The Body Pack Firming is formulated with micronized seaweed associated to a 100% natural basis.
It is a very fine powder which turns into a soft and unctuous paste once mixed with water.
It is ideal for firming Spa rituals and for thalassotherapy treatments. This wrap is rich in seaweed powder, which allow active ingredients to liberate instantaneously during the treatment.

Combination of seaweed & horsetail for an effective firming effect

This body pack is a combination of Spirulina, Laminaria & Horsetail.
Spirulina is a natural source of amino acids that are necessary to restore the firming tissues and vitamins A & E and acts as a skin toner.
Laminaria provides organic iodine, marine salts and mannitol, having respectively slimming, remineralizing and moisturizing properties.
Horsetail contains organic silicium which helps the renewing of firming tissue.
The body pack provides as well a soothing effect due to natural clays.