250g for full body treatment.

Mix 250g of powder with 350ml of warm water until you get an homogeneous paste.
Leave it around 2 minutes, then apply it directly to the body. Wrap the customer in a warming blanket and a plastic sheet.

Duration: 15 to 30 minutes.


Ginger root powder
Cocoa shell powder
Sweet orange peel powder
Zea mays starch
Pink clay


A body wrap provides both therapeutic and cosmetics benefits. The Body Pack is an extremely rich blend of micronized plants or seaweed formulated to create an unctuous and generous paste reflecting the vegetal wealth of the powder.

A stimulating & spicy body pack

The Ginger Herbal Pack is formulated with micronized plants (Ginger, Cocoa & Sweet orange peel) associated to a 100% natural basis. It is a very fine powder which turns into a very soft and unctuous paste once mixed with water.
It has a warm beige colour and its fragrance is made off a blend of natural scents from the spices.
It is used for stimulating Spa treatments.

Ginger & Cocoa for a stimulating treatment

Ginger is a ayurvedic and energizing spice rich in active compounds.
Gingerol & shogaol (some phenolic compounds) have antioxidant properties and stimulate blood circulation. Ginger is advised for stimulating cares and for increasing circulation. Cocoa beans contain theobromine, which is a mild stimulant that has energizing effects on the body. It may also improve mental feeling of well being. In addition, sweet orange peel is a unique source of vitamin C and bioflavonoids.