BSC Industrial Chemistry - Scientific Director

Guido Bregaglio developed his ‘literacy’ alongside his two mentors: his father dr. Ugo Bregaglio and prof. Gianni Proserpio, the pioneers of italian cosmetics.

He gained international experience in Atlas Chemical Ind. and I.C.I. (Imperial Chemical Industries) laboratories both in Europe and in the United States realizing throughout his career several successful products used by formulators worldwide.

He is one of the main experts in esterification and etherification processes of polyglycerol which became his focus with the advent of green chemistry, the philosophy that assists chemists in the research and development of environmentally friendly products. He reinvented some reactions that do not generate toxic and dangerous substances in order to lead them with greater safety for man and the ecosystem while improving performances and reducing the gap between synthetic and natural in terms of “skin feel”.

Researcher and at the same time technologist, formulator and technician , dr. Guido Bregaglio has always been available to transfer his experiences with enthusiasm to the collaborators. In SOCRI dr. Bregaglio found friends who work together to build new substances for a more sustainable cosmetics, with the belief that a chemistry attentive to environmental values, means looking to the future and working in the right direction to improve the quality of life.