SOCRI is an Italian based company that operates through two divisions: SOCRI Ingredients and SOCRI Professional Solutions. SOCRI Ingredients is specialized in the development and production of innovative plant-derived raw materials for the Cosmetic Industry obtained with proprietary syntheses of Polyglycerol.

Whether it is about stabilizing difficult formulas, preserving with synthetic-free substances or achieving silicon-like “touch” but in an environmentally sustainable way, our goal is to provide formulators worldwide with plant-derived solutions aimed both at simplifying their job and achieve superior textures, even in extreme conditions of pH and presence of salts.

SOCRI Ingredients offers natural raw materials sourced worldwide as well as a cutting edge and high performance range of functional substances derived from renewable sources that are developed by Greengredients Srl at Greengredients Technical Center located in Montefalco (PG) under the supervision of Dr. Guido Bregaglio.

Greengredients Technical Center, the new pole for the study of innovative raw materials in the form of biodegradable chemical auxiliaries, of natural origin and obtained from renewable and environmentally friendly sources, is equipped with a chemical laboratory suitable for the synthesis of active ingredients and functional substances as well as their application in finished formulas. Every new product or production method is tested in a pilot reactor before being manufactured or applied on an industrial scale.

The results of the research conducted at the Greengredients Technical Center are industrially manufactured and marketed by SOCRI S.p.A. to the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries under the registered trademark Greengredients®.