To obtain an optimal exfoliating effect, use it on dry skin; for a massage, it can also be used on slightly wet skin.


Orange peel powder
Lychee powder
Marine Salt
Vitamin E


Body Polish Orange is a body oil scrubs,used for a natural effective exfoliation based on the plant particles and the salt it contains. Easy to apply, it has nourishing and protective filmogenic effect, thanks to the association of plant oils.

A tonifying and full of energy body scrub

While using this highly invigorating and tonifying body scrub, the skin becomes smooth and incredibly soft thanks to its wealth in orange and lychee powders. Ideal for the shower, this body scrub banishes dry surface cells and gently buffs skin to a silky smooth finish while it excites senses with its citrus fragrance. It can be used in spas for professional exfoliation or at home under the shower.

Orange & Lychee: energy and exoticism

Orange is a pure concentrate of Vitamins A and C, an excellent combination for a tonic effect and for preventing cellular ageing. Citrus peel contains a natural blend of essential oils and the acidity in it helps regenerate dead cells of the skin. Well-known for its extreme sweetness, the lychee conceals a resistant seed which eliminates dead cells for an effective exfoliation.